Why does my web browser tell me this website is not secure?

This refers a specific type of security, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This is needed for e-commerce sites or any site that collects and/or stores sensitive information such credit card, bank account and/or social security numbers. SSL certificates require the payment of annual fees.

Most websites, including this one, do not need this kind of security. This website does NOT collect, possess or store anyone's personal or financial information of any kind.

This website exists on a very secure and well-known web hosting service. They take precautions to ensure hosted sites are very secure.

The "Not Secure" statement is false and misleading in this case.

A certain huge corporation has flagged 2/3 of the internet as "not secure". It even goes so far as putting a statement like "This site may be hacked" in search results. This is unfair and damaging to smaller, special interest and/or informative websites. It requires payment of money soley to avoid negative consequences perpetrated by a more powerful entity. Think about that.